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"Himalayan Geology"is a biannual (January and July) flagship scholarly journal of the Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology, Dehradun. It publishes original research contributions covering several aspects of geology, geophysics, sedimentology, palaeontology, stratigraphy, magmatism, metamorphism, collisional tectonics, seismicity, seismogenesis, geomorphology, geological map, glaciology, hydrology, environment, climate change, natural hazards, geotechnical studies, remote sensing, natural resources pertaining to the Himalaya and its adjoining areas. Himalayan Geology also publishes scholarly invited state of art review articles presenting important advances on any of the themes mentioned above to facilitate communication among scientists from a broad range of disciplines as well as interest to international readership. The journal encourages scholarly articles based on extensive field-based studies, experimental results, geophysical investigations, theoretical analysis, numerical simulation, and novel ideas; to propagate science in understanding some fundamental issues related to following Key- or Index-words: climate record, cryosphere, geochemistry, geodesy, geodynamics, geophysics, magmatism, magnetism & mineral physics, geomorphology, biodiversity, palaeontology, petrology, remote sensing and GIS seismology, soil system science, structural geology, volcanology, geo-archaeology.

 New Publication: 2018

New Publications: 2015



 Rs. 600/- (India), US $ 50/- (Abroad)





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Rs. 500/- (India), US $ 50/- (Abroad)

Latest Issues

Volume 44(1) 2023

Volume 43(2) 2022

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