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Vol. 41(2) 2020

Institutional Rs.- 2000.00 (India)   US $- 150.00 (Abroad)    
Individual  Rs.- 600.00 (India) US $- 50.00 (Abroad)

Contents :
ABDUS SABOOR, NASAR KHAN, MUHAMMAD HANIF, IRFAN U. JAN, SHAKEEL AHMAD, WAQAR AHMAD : Paleo-depositional and sequence stratigraphic setting of the middle Jurassic Samana Suk Formation at Tarnawai Section, lesser Himalayas and its regional comparison
Abstract / Full Text
FARIDA KHANAM, M JULLEH JALALUR RAHMAN, RASHED ABDULLAH, WENJIAO XIAO, MUSTAFA ALAM : Petrography and detrital zircon U-Pb dating of the Neogene sandstones in the Sylhet Trough, Bengal Basin (Bangladesh): Implications for Provenance
Abstract / Full Text
SHAHID GHAZI, SYED HAROON ALI, TAHIR SHAHZAD, NISAR AHMED, PERVEIZ KHALID, SOHAIL AKRAM, SHAHID ALI, JAVEED SAMI : Sedimentary, structural and salt tectonic evolution of Karoli-Nilawahan area, Central Salt Range and its impact for the Potwar Province
Abstract / Full Text
SUBHAJIT SINHA : Late Miocene Paleoclimatic Variability in the Himalayan Foreland Basin, India: Records of prounounced arid phase amidst wetter phase around 9.1 Ma
Abstract / Full Text
MOHD WAQAS, RAJENDRA SINGH RANA : New Raoellidae (Artiodactyla) from the Subathu Group (Middle Eocene), Rajouri District, Jammu and Kashmir, India and their significance
Abstract / Full Text
ENZHAO XIAO, KHALID LATIF, MUHAMMAD RIAZ : The genetic implications of microbial fossils for microbial carbonate: An example of Cambrian in North China Platform
Abstract / Full Text
S.S.K. PILLAI, SHREERUP GOSWAMI : Morphotypes of Noeggerathiopsis-leaves from Pench Valley Coalfield of Satpura Gondwana Basin, Madhya Pradesh, India
Abstract / Full Text
SOMARU RAM, RAMESH KUMAR YADAV, H.N. SINGH, MANOJ K. SRIVASTAVA : Standardized Precipitation Index reconstruction during the last two centuries over western Himalaya, India: deduced by tree ring-width records
Abstract / Full Text
NAVEED AKRAM, NISAR AHMED, MUHAMMAD S. KHAN, MUHAMMAD I. EHSAN, MUHAMMAD A. GUL, MUBASHER AHMAD : Reservoir Characterization by using Petrophysical-Electrofacies Analyses and Subsurface Structural Interpretation of the Nandpur Gas Field, Middle Indus Basin, Pakistan
Abstract / Full Text
RITU RAJ NATH, MUKAT LAL SHARMA, ARUN TYAGI : Review of the current practice on inclusion of seismicity in landslide susceptibility zonation: A case study for Garhwal Himalaya
Abstract / Full Text
Md. A. AZAD, S.K. SINGH, ARAVIND S. NAIR : Application of Rock Mass Classification Systems for future excavation and support design of proposed Road Tunnel from Khand Birkot to Sarot Doman in Tehri Garhwal District, Uttarakhand
Abstract / Full Text
JIA JINLONG, CAO LIWEN : Experimental simulation on N2 injection for enhancing supercritical CO2 injectivity in anthracite reservoir
Abstract / Full Text
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