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Vol. 43(1B) 2022

Institutional Rs.- 2000.00 (India)   US $- 150.00 (Abroad) 
Individual  Rs.- 600.00 (India) US $- 50.00 (Abroad)

​Special Volume 
in Honor of Prof. K.S. Valdiya

Guest Editor: V.C. Thakur 
Co-Editors: R. Jayangondaperumal and S.K. Parcha

Contents :
PETER MOLNAR : The Rise of the Tibetan Plateau and Removal of Some its Mantle Lithosphere in Light of Recent Observations
Abstract / Full Text
SAROJ K. MONDAL, RAJEEV K. YADAV, AMIT K. BANSAL, JOSHI K. CATHERINE, VINEET K. GAHALAUT : Geodetic strain rate, slip deficit and seismicity analysis in Central Seismic Gap of the Himalayan arc
Abstract / Full Text
MICHAEL P. SEARLE : Channel Flow: Structural and Thermal evolution of the Greater Himalayan Sequence
Abstract / Full Text
A.K. JAIN : Large-scale tectonic models for the evolution of the Himalaya
Abstract / Full Text
ANANYA DIVYADARSHINI, SAMPAT KUMAR TANDON : Transverse tectonic features of the Himalaya and sub-surface basement structures of the foreland basin: implications for orgenic segmentation and seismicity distribution
Abstract / Full Text
V.C. THAKUR : Tectonostratigraphic framework and the Closing of Neo-Tethys in Ladakh, NW Trans Himalaya, India: A Review
Abstract / Full Text
R. CAROSI, C. MONTOMOLI, S. IACCARINO, C. MONTEMAGNI, B. BENETTI : A review of localization of the deformation in Garhwal Himalaya: younging activation of shear zones from the metamorphic core of the belt towards the foreland
Abstract / Full Text
MEGH RAJ DHITAL : Juxtaposition of Greater and Lesser Himalayan nappes in west Nepal: implications for delineating Main Central Thrust
Abstract / Full Text
VIKAS ADLAKHA, KALACHAND SAIN, KUNAL MUKHERJEE : Exhumation processes and mechanisms in the Himalayan-Tibetan Orogen: A Review
Abstract / Full Text
RASOUL SORKHABI, EDMUND STUMP : 5.5 Ma Reactivation of the Main Boundary Thrust in Kumaun Himalaya: Evidence from Fission-Track Dating
Abstract / Full Text
LAXMAN SINGH, GAJENDER KUMAR, RAJEEV UPADHYAY, HARSHITA JOSHI, DEEPAK PANT : Geochemistry and 40Ar-39Ar age of mafic dykes of Sor Valley in Pithoragarh, Kumaun Lesser Himalaya, India: Evidence for late Neoproterozoic continental rifting during Rodinia breakup
Abstract / Full Text
STEVEN G. WESNOUSKY : Brief History of Paleoseismology and Reminder of Hazard Posed by Great Earthquakes along the Himalayan Arc
Abstract / Full Text
SANTOSH KUMAR, B.N. SINGH, ANTONIO CASTRO, SHAILENDRA PUNDIR, KAPIL S. PANWAR : Origin and evolution of microgranular enclaves hosted in the Cambrian granitoids of Champawat region, Kumaun Lesser Himalaya, India
Abstract / Full Text
A. ARAVIND, RAHUL DEVRANI, R. JAYANGONDAPERUMAL, C.C. PANT : Non-emergent thrust front along the northwest Jammu Sub-Himalaya: Evidence from channel profile analysis across the Surin Mastgarh Anticline
Abstract / Full Text
S.K. SHAH : Tectono-stratigraphy of fossiliferous Paleozoic-Mesozoic sequence of India
Abstract / Full Text
O.N. BHARGAVA, BIRENDRA P. SINGH : The Cambrian in the Lesser Himalaya
Abstract / Full Text
VIVESH V. KAPUR, N. CAROLIN, S. BAJPAI : Early Paleogene mammal faunas of India: a review of recent advances with implications for the timing of initial India-Asia contact
Abstract / Full Text
SARABJEET SINGH, TEJPAL SINGH, SEEMA SINGH, A.K. AWASTHI : Morphometric Characterization and Tectonic Geomorphology of the Upper Beas basin, Himachal Himalaya, India
Abstract / Full Text
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