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Vol. 43(2) 2022

Institutional Rs.- 2000.00 (India)   US $- 150.00 (Abroad) 
Individual  Rs.- 600.00 (India) US $- 50.00 (Abroad)

Contents :
SACHIN KANIA, ASHU KHOSLA, OMKAR VERMA, MANTHENA PRASHANTH : Charophyte assemblage in the Cretaceous–Palaeogene boundary from Chhindwara District (Madhya Pradesh), Central India
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NASAR KHAN, MUHAMMAD AWAIS, MUHAMMAD EJAZ SIDDIQUI, KHAN SHAHZADA, JAWAD KHAN : Feasibility study of Weir Site of the Koto Hydropower Project, District Lower Dir, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan: Geological and geotechnical approach
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JAI PARKASH, MAHESH THAKUR, T.N. SINGH, VIRENDER SINGH NEGI : Slope Stability Analysis along National Highway-05 (from Karchham Dam to Akpa), Kinnaur District, Himachal Pradesh, India
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SAMIRA TAGHDISI NIKBAKHT, PAYMAN REZAEE, YAGHUB NASIRI, REZA MOUSSAVIHARAMI, MOHAMMAD KHANEHBAD : Petrography and geochemistry of the Early Permian strata in the Kalmard Area, Central Iran Zone, Implications on provenance and tectonic setting
Abstract / Full Text
DEEPA ARYA, SAURABH GUPTA : Redox state of mineralized and barren granitoids of Malanjkhand region, Central India: constraint from magnetic susceptibility and its geochemical correlation
Abstract / Full Text
JAGADISH KUNDU, KRIPAMOY SARKAR, T.N. SINGH : Stability assessment of a weathered rock slope with surficial soil cover- A case study from Jaintia Hills, India
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SHRADDHA JAGTAP, ARJUN PANDEY, R. JAYANGONDAPERUMAL, A.K. SHARMA, ANIL ARAVIND, ISHWAR SINGH, ATUL KUMAR : Active uplift along uncommon bending moment fault in the northern limb of Surin Mastgarh Anticline, Jammu Sub Himalaya
Abstract / Full Text
HEENA, SHAIK A. RASHID, JAVID AHMAD GANAI : Clay Mineralogy, Petrography and Geochemistry of Cretaceous siliciclastic sedimentary rocks of Giumal Formation, Spiti region, Himachal Pradesh, Tethys Himalaya 
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SAURABH DATTA GUPTA, RAJEEV UPADHYAY, VINAY KUMAR RAJAK : Establishment of economic viability for hydrocarbon production through a geocellular model developed in challenging geological reservoir of onshore sedimentary basin, India
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NANDITA TIWARI, UDAY BHAN : Chara vulgaris gyrogonites (charophytes) from the Doon Valley (Uttarakhand): links between living and Plio-Pleistocene fossils in the Kashmir Valley 
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SOM NATH KUNDAL : Elephas cf. E. hysudricus (Elephantidae, Mammalia) from Late Pliocene –Early Pleistocene Bentonitised Tuff Band of the Nagrota Formation, Samba District of Jammu and Kashmir, India: their Age and Distribution 
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