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Vol. 44(2) 2023

Institutional Rs.- 3000.00 (India)   US $- 225.00 (Abroad) 
Individual  Rs.- 1000.00 (India) US $- 100.00 (Abroad)

Contents :
BIRENDRA P. SINGH, O.N. BHARGAVA, RADEK MIKULÁŠ, SCOTT MORRISON, M.S. SATI, R.S. CHAUBEY, S. STOPDEN, S.K. PRASAD, G. SINGLA, R. KAUR, D. KUMAR : Permian occurrence of Crowded Rosselia Ichnofabric (CRI) from the Spiti Himalaya, India
Abstract / Full Text
KHAYINGSHING LUIREI, KAPESA LOKHO, HORTHING V. ZIMIK, VIKOLENO RINO, NGAZIPMI CHAHONG, SAMEER K. TIWARI, MIRINSING ANGKANG, NGANAOMI KHANGRAH, HIEVINU OLIVIA RICHA, KHRÜZOTO NEIKHA, GLENN T. THONG : Stable hydrogen and oxygen isotope investigation of the saline and hyperalkaline springs in parts of the Inner Fold Belt and Ophiolite Complex of Manipur and Nagaland, India
Abstract / Full Text
SOUMYADIP BANERJEE, SUBHAJIT SINHA : Genesis of soft sediment deformation structures: An innovative experimental approach to reproduce seismites under natural conditions
Abstract / Full Text
ALANKRIT WALIA, SURYA PRATAP SINGH, AMRIT KUMAR ROY : Simulation of structure collapse in a Himachal Pradesh, India location prone to landslides
Abstract / Full Text
MUHAMMAD IDREES, ASGHAR ALI, NIMATULLAH KHATTAK, RAFIQUE AHMAD, ASAD KHAN : Structural Controlled Metallic Mineralization in Lower Swat, NW Pakistan
Abstract / Full Text
ANIL TIWARI, PARVEEN KUMAR, KALACHAND SAIN, AJAY PAUL : Possible implications of recent Doti-Nepal earthquake (M 6.3) for seismicity monitoring in the Central Himalaya
Abstract / Full Text
TAPAS R. MARTHA, PRIYOM ROY, NIRMALA JAIN, K. VINOD KUMAR : Rock-Ice avalanche induced flash floods - Beginning of a new normal in Indian Himalayan Region
Abstract / Full Text
ARUNAVA RAY, GAURAV VERMA, RAJESH RAI, T.N. SINGH : Stability assessment of Himalayan residual soil slopes formed from the weathering of carbonate lithologies using Landslide Hazard Charts
Abstract / Full Text
DIPESH THAPA, KABI RAJ PAUDYAL, RAM BAHADUR SAH, USHA DHUNGANA, RAJENDRA KUMAR CHETRI : A revised Quaternary stratigraphy in and around Pokhara valley, Gandaki province, Nepal
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